Jo Van Rossem

Meer over Jo Van Rossem

You can go anywhere with photography. You can use it as a tool to try to represent reality in front of the lens as best as possible, or you can try to transcend reality…..

The problem with that “reality” is that it is volatile, local and transcient. My reality now is different from yours, two meters away, ten minutes later.

A photo is a representation of a small piece of reality that lasted only a fraction of a second. And that is precisely the power of photography.

By isolating that small moment from the rest, the context is lost and the viewer has to look for the story behind the photo. He/she has to fill in the missing information in order to allow the image to get its own dynamic….

Jo Van Rossem has been active as an architect and forms a photography couple with Karin De Winter.

Jo exhibits for a second time at Nobody&Friends from 17 August to 3 September.