Looking for an exhibition space at a prime location?

Art Gallery Nobody & Friends organizes group exhibitions with a particular dynamic.

"Rent a wall"

Are you looking for offline visibility? Can’t find a suitable space? Does the idea of ​​having to fill an entire space stress you out? Is 1 week too short? And 2 weeks as well?

Nobody & Friends wants to offer artists the opportunity to exhibit. A unique and flexible formula in a classy building of 150m² in the bustling South in Antwerp.

The concept is simple. You participate in a group exhibition for 1 month. You don’t have to be present all the time because there is permanence. You exhibit at a prime location near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. You meet other artists and new fans.

You are visible on the Nobody & Friends website with a link to your own website during the period that you are exhibiting, and 1 month before and after. We include you in communication via newsletters, blogs and social media.

Exhibition space

The exhibition space offers 75 m of wall space for paintings, photographs, drawings, etc. and space for spatial works such as sculptures, ceramics and glass art. Suspension system, plinths and lighting are provided.

Nobody & Friends determines the selection of a maximum of 10 artists during the same period in order to organize a varied and fascinating exhibition. Artist collectives are of course also welcome to rent the entire space for 1 month.

Do you want more info? Register via this registration form and download some of your recent works. We will contact you afterwards.

Are you nearby? You are welcome for a non-binding visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm, on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm or by appointment

Why Nobody & Friends?

Martine Cuyvers combines her broad experience as an organizer of cultural events with her passion as a painter. For her, Nobody means complete freedom, detached from expectations, ready for surprise. Sharing joy through art is her mission. Organizing meaningful meetings is her strength.

Art discoverers and artists are her Friends.

Exhibition space at a prime location

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