Guest artists spring 2024

In the spotlights froms February 24 until March 30

During spring 2024, Nobody&Friends invites a number of guest artists. The selected art forms a nice addition to that of the regular artists.

From February 24 to March 30, sculptor Paul De Wachter will exhibit for a third time at Nobody&Friends. Paul does not commit himself to one style, for him creating is a spiritual journey where images, thoughts and colors arise. Paul is joined by Walter Dermul and Carlo van Tichelen. Walter's figurative oil paintings are about people, their emotions and the way they approach life. Digital artist Carlo finds inspiration from world-renowned artists and gives it a contemporary twist through digital edits and additions.

From April 6 till June 16

From April 6 to May 5, Attika Dahri will exhibit a selection of her paintings and collages. Her works of art are a contemporary ode to cultural diversity and the depth of the human soul. The second guest artist during this period is Daniel Storms. His fascination with urban architecture is reflected in his paintings. With the name Jordaens you are a born painter! And one of a kind! Amandine returns for a second time, her oil paintings reflect her love for Antwerp and its port.

From May 11 to June 16, 2 portrait painters, 1 abstract painter and 1 ceramicist-sculptor will be guests: Christina Art, Erik Scheirlinckx, Steffie Campaert and Elke Hubens. Christina is returning for the third time, her colorful portraits will not let you go. These from Erik are equally colorful but completely different. It will be an interesting dialogue! Steffie's paintings transport us into the cosmos, with the intention of creating a vibration with the subconscious. Last but not least, with her images Elke searches for the authentic 'human' to understand what fundamentally connects us all.

Paul De Wachter

Paul does not limit himself to one style: after all, a person is multiplicity within himself. Form is always subordinate to content, and must arise during the creative process.

"Creating is like passing on. You open up, become silent; you enter a different level of consciousness. Things are revealed there: placed in you. Images, thoughts, colors. Creating is a spiritual journey for me."

Paul is exhibiting at Nobody&Friends for the third time and is a guest artist from February 24 to March 30.

Walter Dermul

Walter Dermul's work is exclusively figurative in oil paint. For the current exhibition a selection was made of paintings about people and their emotions. About their connection, or the other way around, about their isolation. They are works of art with a nostalgic touch, where past and present can touch each other. In which you will find the wisdom of the artist, who, after a career in marketing communications, is now realizing his dream as a full-time painter.

Walter is a guest artist from February 24 to March 30, 2024.

Christina Art.

Christina has always had a fascination with faces and drawing them, looking for the soul and expression in the eyes.

Her current job brings her into frequent contact with people from other origins. People of African, Oriental and Latin origins. People with courageous stories. Hence the idea to create a new series of African portraits with acrylic and pencil. The combination of cobalt blue and black, the playing effect between light and shadow and the details make them look almost realistic photos.

Christina is a guest artist from May 11 to June 16, 2024.

Steffie Campaert

Steffie Campaert is a young artist (1997) from Essen-Wildert. She has been painting with the theme of 'space' since the COVID-19 period, when the world was suddenly forced to stand still. Steffie realized, like many others, that giving yourself 'space' is actually essential to develop as a person. She shows how she can create that 'space' for herself in an intuitive, abstract way.

Steffie is a guest artist from May 11 to June 16, 2024.

Amandine Jordaens

Amandine is an Antwerp expressionist painter, although this label is not entirely satisfactory. Some works can be called impressionistic or even abstract. She certainly has her own style to express her deepest feelings about the port of Antwerp and the mysterious way in which sunlight falls on the industrial landscapes.

Amandine is exhibiting for the second time at Nobody&Friends and will be a guest artist from April 6 to May 5, 2024.

Carlo van Tichelen

Carlo shows his Mickey collection, which takes a journey through art history. Digital works with a humorous nod to Dali, Vermeer, Fragonard, Degas and Hopper, among others. A stunning example of symbiosis between fiction and artificial intelligence.

Carlo is a guest artist from February 24 to March 30, 2024.

Attika Dahri

Attika Dahri was born to a Belgian mother and an Algerian father.
Her life is steeped in the influence of two cultures that have shaped her into who she is today.
As an artist she lets her heart speak and gives life to her emotions through painting.
A passionate woman who uses color in a unique way to convey her view of the world: a contemporary ode to cultural diversity and the depth of the human soul.
Attika is a guest artist from April 6 to May 5, 2024.

Erik Scheirlinckx

Erik Scheirlinckx's creations reveal a harmony between realism and imagination. He is constantly looking for a look that inspires, an expression of emotion. The viewer initially experiences the visual, where the choice of color consciously or unconsciously has an impact. Upon closer inspection, the portrait is guaranteed to evoke emotions.

It was of course inevitable that digital work would be introduced at this time. The “digital art portraits” are drawn freehand on a tablet, they are averse to pre-programmed effects. The result is printed on high-quality plexiglass.

Erik is a guest artist from May 11 to June 16, 2024.


Daniel Storms

Being based in London for the last few years has largely influenced the themes Daniel is painting. He is intrigued by the everchanging views of the cities, just as their constant destruction and re-building. He absolutely loves the mid-century brutalist architecture. This drew him to his current place, the Barbican, which is often reflected in his art.

When Daniel starts to paint, it usually begins with a very broad concept in his head which then develops into an abstract cityscape This is how his favourite paintings have been born.

Daniel is a guest artist from April 6 to May 5, 2024.

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