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Nobody & Friends zet 10 boeiende kunstenaressen in de kijker tijdens de zomer 2021.

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Van 3 juni tot 29 augustus in de Volkstraat 64 te 2000 Antwerpen.

Je bent welkom van donderdag tot zondag van 12.00u tot 18.00 of op afspraak.

Brigitte Cauquil

Self-taught Brigitte Cauquil finds her inspiration in Provence, more specifically in the villages where the houses have been weathered by time and the walls bear the marks.

Her paintings exude this atmosphere. She uses marble powder, sand and similar materials as the underlying structure of the canvas. Afterwards she adds natural pigments from Provence and acrylic paint. The contrasts of rough and smooth, dark and light, coarse and fine result in a crackled surface. The colors lie on top or penetrate into the grooves and traces of the structure. The chosen color palette is authentic, the earth tones create a feeling of connection and tranquility.


Elena Gontcharova

The young artist Elena Gontcharova finds her inspiration in everyday life, nature and the world around her. She likes to paint intuitively and expressively, transferring her emotions to the canvas. She attaches great importance to a conscious lifestyle in the 'here and now'. Her art is therefore an invitation for the viewer to feel and experience more deeply.

In addition to her specialty in abstract paintings in oil and acrylic paint, she also makes hand-painted polyester art sculptures.

Erik Scheirlinckx

Erik Scheirlinckx's creations reveal a harmony between realism and imagination. He is constantly looking for a look that inspires, an expression of emotion. The viewer initially experiences the visual, where the choice of color consciously or unconsciously has an impact. Upon closer inspection, the portrait is guaranteed to evoke emotions.

It was of course inevitable that digital work would be introduced at this time. The “digital art portraits” are drawn freehand on a tablet, they are averse to pre-programmed effects. The result is printed on high-quality plexiglass.

Erik is a guest artist from May 11 to June 16, 2024.


Martine France Moreau

Martine France Moreau, an established and versatile Belgian artist. She graduated from the Art Academy of Braine-l'Alleud, Fire Arts department, and learned the art of sculpting from Annie Jungers and Jean Coyette. She has been participating in collective or individual exhibitions since 2003.

Her organic, plant-inspired or quasi-human ceramics are characterized by their simplicity. The human and vegetable worlds meet, melt into each other and the reduction technique (adding smoke during the baking process) as applied to each of her works results in a kind of writing. This writing represents the memory of the organic, mineral and vegetable or plant material used.

In her bronze sculptures, Martine combines her ongoing research into matter with the study of the creatures that inhabit our universe. Her works attract, speak, challenge and tell their story, that of the lives of others or of her own life.

Martine France Moreau demonstrates great artistic mastery, rich in subtlety and creativity.



Dora Verhoeven

Dora has a strong bond with nature and in the series “Symbiosis” she always starts from a dead piece of wood or bark of which she stops the decomposition process. She combines this completely natural surface with an artificial material, such as aluminum and plexi, to create a new support structure. She then mosaics with a multitude of materials and colours; both the classic marbles and smalti (traditional glass specifically for mosaic) and other types of glass, ceramics, pebbles, slate, shells, plastic, etc. The ultimate goal remains to emphasize and preserve the unsurpassed beauty of that perishable wood.

Dora's artworks are the result of 6 years of academy and countless workshops at home and abroad, through which she has developed a very contemporary style and technique.

After exhibitions in Belgium and France, she is pleased to be able to exhibit in the neighborhood where she was born and raised.

Christine Wittoeck

Born in May 1968 and painting since 2011.
Intuitive painting is her outlet, a passion, pure self-care.

Each work has its own story, originated intuitively… from a white blank canvas, hardboard or sheet of paper.
The works are made with passion, desire, empathy, pleasure, subdued and also exuberant, at home and on location.

Wittoeck.art saw the light of day in 2020, a website with a webshop where you can view her works.

Elke Hubens

From an early age, Elke Hubens has been fascinated by the essence of human existence. With her work she investigates what connects us as people with ourselves, each other and our environment.

With her Human Landscapes she depicts the story of Elckerlyc. She lets her work bear witness to the traces that pass through these landscapes. She shows the silent strength that emerges from our vulnerability and injuries, the desire for connection versus the need for loneliness, but above all: man as a humble part of a living universe and a reflection of its beautiful but often cruel nature.

Each Hubens' sculptures are unique. She works exclusively with clay, a fragile but powerful primeval material. She loves how it - like life - moves in an eternal cycle: from earth to clay to stoneware and back to earth again. Even after its passage in the kiln, stoneware continues to transform: color, glaze, fracture lines or the play of light transform the image into something new.

As a sculptor, Elke Hubens is largely self-taught, although she took lessons from artists such as Erica Chaffart, Monique Donckers, Miek Sysmans, ... . She is also a copywriter and storyteller, both on paper and on stage, and is the mother of two sons, the youngest of whom was born with Down syndrome.

Jan Wouters

Nature and infinity have fascinated Jan since childhood. That is why he tries to capture it with his watercolours. "They are pieces of the great puzzle that make up our world. An expression of emotion at the same time. It is a gift to be able to express yourself in image and word." After his art studies in Brussels, he exhibited in Antwerp, Bangkok, Paris, Fountainebleau and Mortsel. He lived in Paris, New York and Bangkok and later on returned to his native Antwerp.

Yvette Adriaens

Yvette Adriaens enjoys an aesthetic experience by photographing everything that is different, deviating from the prevailing norm, and then painting harmoniously.

This occurrence fascinates her and takes root deep within herself.

The beauty of the unknown, the unwanted in her abstract works invites you to contemplate, which appeals to everyone's imagination

Els Baekelandt

In her nature paintings, Els Baekelandt depicts the beauty of plants, flowers, landscapes and still lifes in all their simplicity with a quirky magical realist touch.

She usually works on paper, mounted on wooden painting panels, using watercolour, gouache, colored pencils and acrylic paint. The artwork is built up in fine layers of paint until the desired effect is achieved. Afterwards, a layer of wax is applied to protect the whole.

After studying applied arts at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, Els Baekelandt has followed a diverse and international career from 1986 to 2020.

Her work has appeared in magazines such as Art & Métiers du Livre (Paris), Scriptores (Netherlands), Plumes (Paris), Kalligraphie-Zeitschrift (Germany), Création numérique (Paris), Ingham County Community News (USA), Bourgogne Magazine ( France), Estilográfica (Madrid, Spain).

She exhibited solo in Sleidinge, Ghent, Zottegem, Paris, Madrid and various locations in the USA.



Frank Janssens

Creativity has always played a major role in Frank's life. Already at a young age he could spend hours drawing and painting. His current paintings in acrylic paint are abstract and colorful in which energy, feeling and love play the leading role. Aspects that are also of great importance in his practice as an osteopath. Versatile as he is, Frank also designed a jewelery collection consisting of unique and contemporary pieces for both women and men.


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