Exhibition space for rent

solo/duo/trio exhibitions from May 2 to June 9

While gallery owner Martine is busy organizing the famous summer opera festival in the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen in Bilzen, the smaller showroom/studio is rented out to artists who take care of the permanence themselves.

From 2 to 5 May: Duo exhibition Myrjam De Keyser and Maya De Belder

From May 9 to 26: Eye candy with Celle, Bert Prins and Nessio Trio

From May 30 to June 9: Dave Geukens


from May 2 to 5 Myrjam De Keyser and Maya De Belder

Duo exhibition of mother and daughter

Color is the common denominator of this duo exhibition.

Mother Myrjam De Keyser uses watercolor in a unique way to create colorful abstract paintings. The different formats offer a wide choice for all spaces.

Daughter Maya De Belder works with different layers of glaze to create a colorful effect on her ceramics. Her flower shapes are an exception; These are made in very simple, pure ceramic, which does justice to the exceptional shape.

Het resultaat op deze expositie is een vrolijke explosie van kleur en vorm, in het gezellige kader van galerij Nobody&Friends.

Everyone is welcome at the vernissage on Saturday, May 4 from 4pm..

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