Martine France Moreau

Meer over Martine France Moreau

Martine France Moreau, an established and versatile Belgian artist. She graduated from the Art Academy of Braine-l'Alleud, Fire Arts department, and learned the art of sculpting from Annie Jungers and Jean Coyette. She has been participating in collective or individual exhibitions since 2003.

Her organic, plant-inspired or quasi-human ceramics are characterized by their simplicity. The human and vegetable worlds meet, melt into each other and the reduction technique (adding smoke during the baking process) as applied to each of her works results in a kind of writing. This writing represents the memory of the organic, mineral and vegetable or plant material used.

In her bronze sculptures, Martine combines her ongoing research into matter with the study of the creatures that inhabit our universe. Her works attract, speak, challenge and tell their story, that of the lives of others or of her own life.

Martine France Moreau demonstrates great artistic mastery, rich in subtlety and creativity.