Ivo Vleminx

Meer over Ivo Vleminx

Ivo Vleminx is guided by pencil and brush, an old childhood love. After years of pent-up creativity and a setback during a burnout, Ivo rediscovered his passion.

Ivo tells his story with numerous color touches, contrasting shapes and naked emotions. Self-taught, he knows how to give his works a recognizable style. From coarse brushstrokes to indispensable details, he finds his way in acrylic paintings, mainly portraits. Painting and drawing have become necessary in Ivo Vleminx's life and he hopes to inspire others in this way. Curious about opinions, he likes to receive criticism with a listening ear, that has been different for some time.

Once having started with visual arts in high school, but then learned everything in the school of life. Not in possession of a degree in painting, but an enormous passion for this art form makes him an artist approaching 60, with a keen eye for beautiful things.