Dora Verhoeven

Meer over Dora Verhoeven

Dora has a strong bond with nature and in the series “Symbiosis” she always starts from a dead piece of wood or bark of which she stops the decomposition process. She combines this completely natural surface with an artificial material, such as aluminum and plexi, to create a new support structure. She then mosaics with a multitude of materials and colours; both the classic marbles and smalti (traditional glass specifically for mosaic) and other types of glass, ceramics, pebbles, slate, shells, plastic, etc. The ultimate goal remains to emphasize and preserve the unsurpassed beauty of that perishable wood.

Dora's artworks are the result of 6 years of academy and countless workshops at home and abroad, through which she has developed a very contemporary style and technique.

After exhibitions in Belgium and France, she is pleased to be able to exhibit in the neighborhood where she was born and raised.