Daniel Derderian

Meer over Daniel Derderian

Daniel Derderian's work is a unique cry for love from a safe environment behind the mirror. As a former classical dancer and performer in the world of the performing arts, he previously mainly worked with his appearance. Now he compiles idiosyncratic portraits that try to capture the confusion and vanity of human existence.

Daniel works from an urgency, torn between the moral brake of an adult and the unbounded imagination of a rambunctious child. He wants to keep something unfinished in his work, completion would mean the end of a dynamic.

He wants to capture his subjects in an intimate moment, in search of their strength, their fragility, their fear, their fantasies, as hybrid creatures in a world between reality and dream.

Since his first exhibition at Nobody & Friend in September 2022, Daniel has exhibited solo and in group at Galerie Thomé in Paris where he is now a resident artist and is part of the collective Le Destructuralisme Figuratif with which he exhibited in La Rochelle and Paris.

He works and lives between Montreuil near Paris, Ghent and Marseille, his hometown.