September 2023

For the third time in a row, painter Frank Knockaert and watercolorist Jan Wouters exhibit together during the month of September.

Painter Daniel Derderian is also present. Last year he exhibited for the first time in Antwerp, at Nobody&Friends and sold almost all the exhibited works. Frank Janssens was also very successful in March 2022 with his colorful paintings.

The exquisite sculptures of Joran Pollet complete the exhibition.

Another fascinating mix and interesting artists to meet!


from September 7 to October 1, 2023, vernissage reception on September 9

Joran Pollet

Joran Pollet (1993) graduated from Sint-Lucas Ghent in 2012 and then followed photography for a year (Narafi Brussels). However, it is the one-year course in decorative ironwork (GOCA Ghent) that forms the crucial stepping stone in his artistic development towards what he creates today. At that time Joran is 23 years old. Joran Pollet is a man of few words. His images are all the more powerful.

With hammer and anvil he beats pieces of pure steel into the desired shape. Then he starts welding. Without molds or preliminary studies.


Frank Knockaert

Frank was self-taught for many years, but is now starting his specialization degree in painting at the Sint-Lucas Academy in Ghent. He usually works with oil paint, but he also makes smaller and larger works with colored pencil and acrylic. He combines color with the prepared structure of a carrier into (minimalist) work that floats on a feeling, an atmosphere, a memory (à la recherche du temps perdu, as he himself says). The deep and rich (mixed) colors in different layers, the texture and the relief invite you to take a closer look and almost feel your work. Although sometimes abstract, his works often attempt to communicate a story and/or involvement with the world.

Jan Wouters

Nature and infinity have fascinated Jan since childhood. That is why he tries to capture it with his watercolours. "They are pieces of the great puzzle that make up our world. An expression of emotion at the same time. It is a gift to be able to express yourself in image and word." After his art studies in Brussels, he exhibited in Antwerp, Bangkok, Paris, Fountainebleau and Mortsel. He lived in Paris, New York and Bangkok and later on returned to his native Antwerp.

Daniel Derderian

Daniel Derderian's work is a unique cry for love from a safe environment behind the mirror. As a former classical dancer and performer in the world of the performing arts, he previously mainly worked with his appearance. Now he compiles idiosyncratic portraits that try to capture the confusion and vanity of human existence.

Daniel works from an urgency, torn between the moral brake of an adult and the unbounded imagination of a rambunctious child. He wants to keep something unfinished in his work, completion would mean the end of a dynamic.

He wants to capture his subjects in an intimate moment, in search of their strength, their fragility, their fear, their fantasies, as hybrid creatures in a world between reality and dream.

Since his first exhibition at Nobody & Friend last year, Daniel has exhibited solo and in group at Galerie Thomé in Paris where he is now a resident artist and is part of the collective Le Destructuralisme Figuratif with which he has exhibited in La Rochelle and Paris.

He works and lives between Montreuil near Paris, Ghent and Marseille, his hometown.

Frank Janssens

Creativity has always played a major role in Frank's life. Already at a young age he could spend hours drawing and painting. His current paintings in acrylic paint are abstract and colorful in which energy, feeling and love play the leading role. Aspects that are also of great importance in his practice as an osteopath. Versatile as he is, Frank also designed a jewelery collection consisting of unique and contemporary pieces for both women and men.


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