October 2023

In October, the gallery will be taken over by female artists. Five painters have exhibited here before: Yvette Adriaens, Mies Clukkers, José Schuurmans, Myriam Storms and Christine Wittoeck. In the meantime, they have created new works that you can admire during this exhibition.

Newcomers are Rita Schuerweghs and Dora Verhoeven. Rita is a sculptor and Dora will bring surprising wall sculptures incorporating wood and mosaic.

A varied exhibition with female touch! An exciting combination of power and finesse!

from 5 to 29 October 2023, vernissage reception on Saturday 7 from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Yvette Adriaens

Yvette Adriaens enjoys an aesthetic experience by photographing everything that is different, deviating from the prevailing norm, and then painting harmoniously.

This occurrence fascinates her and takes root deep within herself.

The beauty of the unknown, the unwanted in her abstract works invites you to contemplate, which appeals to everyone's imagination

Dora Verhoeven

Dora has a strong bond with nature and in the series “Symbiosis” she always starts from a dead piece of wood or bark of which she stops the decomposition process. She combines this completely natural surface with an artificial material, such as aluminum and plexi, to create a new support structure. She then mosaics with a multitude of materials and colours; both the classic marbles and smalti (traditional glass specifically for mosaic) and other types of glass, ceramics, pebbles, slate, shells, plastic, etc. The ultimate goal remains to emphasize and preserve the unsurpassed beauty of that perishable wood.

Dora's artworks are the result of 6 years of academy and countless workshops at home and abroad, through which she has developed a very contemporary style and technique.

After exhibitions in Belgium and France, she is pleased to be able to exhibit in the neighborhood where she was born and raised.

Christine Wittoeck

Born in May 1968 and painting since 2011.
Intuitive painting is her outlet, a passion, pure self-care.

Each work has its own story, originated intuitively… from a white blank canvas, hardboard or sheet of paper.
The works are made with passion, desire, empathy, pleasure, subdued and also exuberant, at home and on location.

Wittoeck.art saw the light of day in 2020, a website with a webshop where you can view her works.

Mies Clukkers

Mies studied fine arts at the academy of Hove.

She developed a preference for the abstract more and more.

Her oil paintings are immediately recognizable due to a fascinating work process, a very open approach to painting materials and techniques and her intuitive approach.

The layering of the paint accentuates the richness of the image.

Each work of art is a testimony to internal emotions.

Myriam Storms

Ophthalmologist Myriam Storms is fascinated by people's posture and gaze. Her work is mainly figurative, with room for interpretation and suggestion. Certain images of people trigger, intrigue her. She converts them into fascinating painted snapshots.




José Schuurmans

The first painting workshop that José attended around the age of forty was a revelation. She came into contact with her inner creativity, a journey of discovery around freedom, wonder and letting go. With intuitive paintings as a result.

She followed the artistic dynamic coach training at De Kleine Tiki. As a creative therapist, she helps others to connect more deeply with themselves, to give free rein to creativity and to grow as a person.

Rita Schuerweghs

As an Antwerp resident, Rita moved 5 years ago to the Ardennes, to a picturesque village on the Semois, Dohan.

There she can now really focus on her passion for natural stones. She enjoys choosing a beautiful stone to reveal the hidden shapes afterwards.

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