November 2023

November 2023

Painters Bert Prins, Philip Verhoeven and Gerry Zweegers are 'old acquaintances' in the gallery.

They will be joined by Suzanne Booth, Elena Gontcharova and Monique Hertleer.

An exhibition that goes from colorful pop art over dreamy figurative to suggestive abstract.

Varied, surprising and as always an exhibition with accessible and affordable art that you can buy directly from the artist.

from 2 to 26 November 2023, vernissage reception on Saturday 4 from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Gerry Zweegers

Gerry draws a lot of inspiration from her personal life. She has turned her hobby interior into her profession, which in turn provides inspiration for her great passion for painting.

In addition, she is interested in people as individuals. There is a personal story behind every person. By merging these data or people in their environment, she tries to evoke the emotion of a certain moment or situation with her paintings. Her work is characterized by loose brushwork and is based on classical techniques.

Gerry already exhibited at Nobody&Friends in November 2022.

Philip Verhoeven

Philip Verhoeven was spoon-fed art from an early age. He grew up in his parents' antique shop and started drawing at a young age.
The discovery of figurative art and his passion for color, graphics, history and music ensure that he develops his own style. His works reflect his positive outlook on life.

Philip already exhibited at Nobody&Friends in March 2022.

Bert Prins

The work of the Belgian artist Bert Prins harks back to the basic idea of ​​Pop Art: to glorify the everyday around us by converting it to its essence in color and form.

Bert already exhibited at Nobody&Friends in April and September 2022.

The second photo above is a work in acrylic paint and with integrated collage, based on a photo by Jan Dirkx.


Monique Hertleer

Monique Hertleer paints on easy tents of the Tomorrowland festival.
She has now been painting for over 17 years with full training at the academies of Kontich and Hoboken.
The search for her own style has brought her what she exhibits in the gallery today.
Her artworks can be found in America, the Netherlands, France and Israel and soon also in Nepal. Tomorrowland bought her portrait of Lost Frequencies, who is the godfather of the Tomorrowland art school in Nepal. Monique donated the proceeds of her work to this school with 400 children. The amount will be invested in a playground.

Elena Gontcharova

The young artist Elena Gontcharova finds her inspiration in everyday life, nature and the world around her. She likes to paint intuitively and expressively, transferring her emotions to the canvas. She attaches great importance to a conscious lifestyle in the 'here and now'. Her art is therefore an invitation for the viewer to feel and experience more deeply.

In addition to her specialty in abstract paintings in oil and acrylic paint, she also makes hand-painted polyester art sculptures.

Suzanne Booth

Suzanne Booth’s paintings express spontaneous, direct gesture as if the forms are still in the process of moving to come into definition. The gestures are frequently unpredictable and often resemble objects and symbols in nature in their free form. The intent is not to create a recognisable image, but to convey the emotion to spend time with a painting; to reflect, investigate, imagine.

Artstudio Martine Cuyvers

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