December 2023

During the month of December you will meet established figures in the art world and upcoming talent.

Etienne Jammaers already exhibited in the gallery in October 2022 and brings new fascinating work. Sculptor Martine France Moreau exhibits sculptures in ceramic and bronze. Both she and Els Baekelandt have an extensive track record of exhibitions at home and abroad. Els and newcomer Marleen De Wilde each express the beauty of nature in their own way. Figurative painting can be found by Ingrid Van der Vloedt with atmospheric snapshots and by Ivo Vleminx with portraits. And last but not least, Erika Kárpáti brings paintings in fluid art.

You can once again expect a varied, eye-catching exhibition with affordable art.

From December 1 to 30

Ingrid Van der Vloedt

Ingrid Van der Vloedt studied drawing and painting mixed techniques at ABK Mortsel. Her figurative works are executed in oil paint, often supplemented with a graphic accent in charcoal. In recent years, painting has become a true passion.

She works from photos that inspire her, looking for her own composition and color atmosphere. Attracted by images from everyday life, she often uses self-made photos: passers-by, tourists, day trippers.

Her main challenge is to create the atmosphere as expressively as possible.

Martine France Moreau

Martine France Moreau, an established and versatile Belgian artist. She graduated from the Art Academy of Braine-l'Alleud, Fire Arts department, and learned the art of sculpting from Annie Jungers and Jean Coyette. She has been participating in collective or individual exhibitions since 2003.

Her organic, plant-inspired or quasi-human ceramics are characterized by their simplicity. The human and vegetable worlds meet, melt into each other and the reduction technique (adding smoke during the baking process) as applied to each of her works results in a kind of writing. This writing represents the memory of the organic, mineral and vegetable or plant material used.

In her bronze sculptures, Martine combines her ongoing research into matter with the study of the creatures that inhabit our universe. Her works attract, speak, challenge and tell their story, that of the lives of others or of her own life.

Martine France Moreau demonstrates great artistic mastery, rich in subtlety and creativity.



Etienne Jammaers

The message of displacement is central to the work of Etienne Jammaers. It refers to the feeling of not being at home in the environment we live in and feeling disconnected from the people and culture around us. This may be due to changes in our environment, such as immigration or emigration, but it can also be an internal feeling of being out of place in the world. The use of unusual or unfamiliar symbols, colors and images, which make the viewer feel uncomfortable or unable to identify with the image, illustrate this in his painting. For example, Etienne uses colors and patterns that feel unnatural or strange, making the viewer feel displaced.

Marleen De Wilde

Ivo Vleminx

Ivo Vleminx is guided by pencil and brush, an old childhood love. After years of pent-up creativity and a setback during a burnout, Ivo rediscovered his passion.

Ivo tells his story with numerous color touches, contrasting shapes and naked emotions. Self-taught, he knows how to give his works a recognizable style. From coarse brushstrokes to indispensable details, he finds his way in acrylic paintings, mainly portraits. Painting and drawing have become necessary in Ivo Vleminx's life and he hopes to inspire others in this way. Curious about opinions, he likes to receive criticism with a listening ear, that has been different for some time.

Once having started with visual arts in high school, but then learned everything in the school of life. Not in possession of a degree in painting, but an enormous passion for this art form makes him an artist approaching 60, with a keen eye for beautiful things.

Els Baekelandt

In her nature paintings, Els Baekelandt depicts the beauty of plants, flowers, landscapes and still lifes in all their simplicity with a quirky magical realist touch.

She usually works on paper, mounted on wooden painting panels, using watercolour, gouache, colored pencils and acrylic paint. The artwork is built up in fine layers of paint until the desired effect is achieved. Afterwards, a layer of wax is applied to protect the whole.

After studying applied arts at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, Els Baekelandt has followed a diverse and international career from 1986 to 2020.

Her work has appeared in magazines such as Art & Métiers du Livre (Paris), Scriptores (Netherlands), Plumes (Paris), Kalligraphie-Zeitschrift (Germany), Création numérique (Paris), Ingham County Community News (USA), Bourgogne Magazine ( France), Estilográfica (Madrid, Spain).

She exhibited solo in Sleidinge, Ghent, Zottegem, Paris, Madrid and various locations in the USA.



Erika Kárpáti

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